What is the process for a near bug-free yard?

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May 22, 2024

There are multiple steps that need to take place in order for your yard to be enjoyable again.

Firstly, you have to determine what area you want to be your target. That can be all of your yard, just your backyard, or a combination of many areas. Secondly, is your house included in this area? Do you have porches with outdoor furniture. Is your garage an area of concern? All of these factors play into what the target area will be.

Thirdly, how do you want to maintain this area after the initial treatments? Do you want to spray yourself with our formula? Do you want us to spray on a periodic basis? Do you want to disperse the formula through your irrigation system? (I can push it through my sprinklers? That is an upcoming article.)

Once you have determined the target area, we will come spray two treatments, five to seven days apart. The first is to exterminate as many bugs as possible while leaving behind residual formula to repel bugs from returning to the area. The second treatment is to exterminate any remaining bugs and build up the area in which the bugs are repelled.

After the initial two treatments, a refresh need to be applied every three to four weeks to keep your perimeter built up so that the bugs do not return. This is usually pre-scheduled or can be done when you start to see the unwanted pests again.

Of course, all of these treatments take place during the “bug season” which is usally when daytime temperatures are above 50ºF. In SE Georgia, this typically runs between mid-March to Thanksgiving. You can determine what period of time you want to maintain your perimeter.

Our pricing will be based on the size of your target area. The typical home sits on a lot that is approximately 1/2 acre. We can treatment up to five acres with our equipment, but larger areas will cost more as labor and materials will increase. That is why it is important for you to determine you outdoor living area.

Treating for one-time events can also be done. The area and period of time you want will determine pricing. The event date will also help determine when the treatments need to be applied. Please allow at least two weeks prior to the event to start treatments.

Although our formula is all-natural and contains no harmful chemicals, it cannot be sprayed on watershed, standing water or where runoff can effect storm drains.

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