What results should you expect?

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May 3, 2024

You have scheduled us to come treat your property. You can’t wait to see the results, but what kind of results SHOULD you expect?

The answer is three-fold. Let us explain.

  • The best results start at 24hrs post spraying – Although you will see a significant decrease in activity, the pests need to run their cycle of flying, resting, and exploring. The initial spray will kill numerous pests on contact, but it is not instantaneous.
  • You need to have two infestation treatments seven days apart – this insures that the spray has been allowed to break up the birthing/growing cycle. We are trying to control both the adult insect and the unborn insect. Since a sand gnat’s birthing cycle takes about 10 days, the second treatment insures that the cycle is broken.
  • You will never get rid of 100% of the pests – It is our observation that you will still encounter flying insects, but the number will be so minimal that you may not observe the remaining few.

Flying pests are still able to migrate to your yard, but some of the oils in the treatment will deter them because they do not like the smell of it. They can detect the fragrances, but you will probably not notice them after 24 hours. Immediately after spraying, you will notice both a cedar and garlic smell for a short time. It isn’t strong or annoying. It will not be detectable by humans nearly as much as an insect will observe.

The active ingredients in the treatment will be mixed with water and will dry transparent and will not be sticky or noticeable after 30 minutes. We will even treat your outdoor furniture to build up a resistance to annoying flying pests. You won’t be detrimental to any fabrics or materials.

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